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CD 1

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Wish2:04Mabinogi ThemeNPC_Guide.mp3
2Sweet Care1:33Character CreationChar_Making.mp3
3Soft Sunshine5:08Character SelectionChar_Select.mp3
4Hold My Hand4:02Mabinogi Intro Movie
5An Old Story from Grandma3:26ver G2/G3
6Lay Thy Lips on Goddess' Wings4:40Sidhe Sneachta : G1 ThemeSidhe_Sneachta.mp3
7A Magnificent Sight3:00G2 Themecutscene11.mp3
8A Prayer for the Asleep2:28Nao_Appear.mp3
9The Story of a White Deer2:18Nao_talk.mp3
10Please Don't Touch the Helmet1:13Elemental Forest : TinNPC_Tin.mp3
11The Dance of Leaves3:05Tir ChonaillTown_Tir_Chonaill.mp3
12Little Lady's Apron2:21Tir Chonaill : AlissaNPC_Alissa.mp3
13Lilies, Do You Like Them?3:02Tir Chonaill : EndelyonNPC_Endelyon.mp3
14Heart Song2:30Tir Chonaill : CaitinNPC_Caitin.mp3
15Experience Turns Gold1:00Tir Chonaill : DuncanNPC_Duncan.mp3
16My Wooly Life1:35Tir Chonaill : DeianNPC_Deian.mp3
17City Girl1:57Tir Chonaill : DilysNPC_Dilys.mp3
18I'm Fine2:36Tir Chonaill : NoraNPC_Nora.mp3
19Man on the Moon2:03Tir Chonaill : PiarasNPC_Piaras.mp3
20Moonshine Resting on the Hammer1:13Tir Chonaill : FerghusNPC_Ferghus.mp3
21The Lady with the Poker Face1:42Tir Chonaill : BebhinnNPC_Bebhinn.mp3
2220's My Way1:37Tir Chonaill : MalcolmNPC_Malcolm.mp3
23Honoring the Martyr2:10Tir Chonaill : MevenNPC_Meven.mp3
24Kind Lesson2:10Tir Chonaill : LassarNPC_Lassar.mp3
25Eagle's Eye1:30Tir Chonaill : RanaldNPC_Ranald.mp3
26devCAT1:44Tir Chonaill : Strange CatNPC_devCAT.mp3
27Wanderers3:46Tir Chonaill : FieldField_SidheGrove_000.mp3
28Bird Drifting Into Ruins3:16Another World : Tir ChonaillField_XXX.mp3
29Place Where Starlights Gather3:24Tir Chonaill : CemetaryTown_SidheGroveCamp_000.mp3
30Duty: A Privilege of Noble Cause (Remix Ver.)3:48Tir Chonaill : TreforNPC_Guard.mp3

CD 2

# Title Length   Client File Name
1I Wish ~ Cutiepie2:07Mabinogi Theme
2With Hyacinth in Mind4:17Dugald Aisle : FieldDugald_aisle.mp3
3The Lumberjack's Skies3:03Dugald Aisle : Logging CampDugald_aisle_camp.mp3
4Hah! You thought I'm a Woman?1:45Dugald Aisle : TracyNPC_Tracy.mp3
5She's a Kind Mentor2:51SchoolSchool.mp3
6New Street4:49DunbartonTown_Dunbarton.mp3
7Stacking Books Up to My Height1:49Dunbarton : AeiraNPC_Aeira.mp3
8Woman's Heart Behind the Armor2:27Dunbarton : AranwenNPC_Aranwen.mp3
9A Hidden Scar Inside the Gem2:33Dunbarton : EavanNPC_Eavan.mp3
10Through the Eyes of a Banker1:57Dunbarton : AusteynNPC_Austeyn.mp3
11The Bell That Never Tolls1:58Dunbarton : KristellNPC_Kristell.mp3
12As the Old Days Flutter Past in the Wind2:30Dunbarton : GlenisNPC_Glenis.mp3
13Lacks Beauty2:10Dunbarton : SimonNPC_simon.mp3
14The Dream's Reward1:47Dunbarton : StewartNPC_Stewart.mp3
15Heart under blade2:13Dunbarton : NerysNPC_Nerys.mp3
16A Leisure1:58Dunbarton : WalterNPC_Walter.mp3
17Long Live, Hurray, Hurrah!2:32Dunbarton : ManusNPC_Manus.mp3
18Desolation3:06Another World : Gairech / BangorField_XXXX.mp3
19Young Explorer5:07GairechGairech.mp3
20A Dreaming Village3:31BangorBangor.mp3
21This is My Pride2:10Bangor : EdernNPC_Edern.mp3
22The World Painted by the Girl1:56Bangor : IbbieNPC_Ibbie.mp3
23Leave It to Me!1:35Bangor : ElenNPC_Elen.mp3
24My Life Led by Him2:55Bangor : ComganNPC_Comgan.mp3
25Grief-stricken Glass3:21Bangor : JeniferNPC_Jenifer.mp3
26A Boy's First Love2:13Bangor : SionNPC_Sion.mp3
27The Father's Promise1:43Bangor : BryceNPC_Bryce.mp3
28Let Us Not Fret1:48Bangor : RiocardNPC_Riocard.mp3
29Unjust Swings of a Pickaxe1:40Bangor : SeumusNPC_Seumas.mp3
30An Old Story from Grandma (TransAge Mix)2:24Open Beta Login

CD 3

# Title Length   Client File Name
1The Wind, the Cloud, and the Field2:29Mabinogi Introintro.mp3
2Leaning on a Cane1:31Another World : DougalNPC_Dougal.mp3
3Rawr2:56Sen Mag : FletaNPC_Fleta.mp3
4Today I Wander1:37PriceNPC_Price.mp3
5The Legendary Magician2:34Sidhe Sneachta : TarlachNPC_Tarlach.mp3
6Dark-winged Goddess2:49MorrighanNPC_Morrighan.mp3
7A Credible Roadsign3:14FieldField_Milestone_000.mp3
8Over the Rainbows3:37Dugald TownDugald_Town.mp3
9Run Like You've Never Run Before!1:51Event BGMEvent_1.mp3
10A Safe Zone2:33Dungeon LobbyA_Safety_Zone.mp3
11Slash!2:58Battle Arenaarena_field.mp3
12The Victor's Star3:56Arena Lobbyarena_lobby.mp3
13Echo2:14Rabbie DungeonDungeon_1.mp3
14Edge of Chaos II2:00Ciar / Rabbie DungeonDungeon_2.mp3
15A Twitch Amidst Silence1:54Ciar / Rabbie DungeonDungeon_3.mp3
16Morrighan's Caprice2:23Math DungeonDungeon_4.mp3
17May the Blessings of the Lord Be With Us2:55Alby DungeonDungeon_5.mp3
18Deep Forest2:37Fiodh / Coill DungeonDungeon_6.mp3
19Hate4:18Barri Dungeon / Ceo Island / Rain AldDungeon_7.mp3
20Unspeakable Evil5:17Albey DungeonDungeon_8.mp3
21Watery Secret4:34Rundal DungeonDungeon_9.mp3
22Final Resting Place3:42Peaca DungeonDungeon_10.mp3
23Formidable Adversary1:26Alby / Ciar / Rabbie / Math / Barri / Iria Dungeon Boss RoomBoss.mp3
24Passionate Duel2:14Fiodh / Coill Dungeon Boss RoomBoss_1.mp3
25The Final Stand3:49Albey G1 Final Boss RoomBoss_FDG.mp3
26For the Fallen2:06Unconsciousknockdown.mp3
27Believe Your Force (Remix Long Ver.)2:32Runda Dungeon Boss RoomBoss_2.mp3

CD 4

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Dark Knight2:24G3 Themecutscene13.mp3
2Scene 001:21Cutscenecutscene00.mp3
3Scene 011:56Cutscenecutscene01.mp3
4Scene 021:11Cutscenecutscene02.mp3
-Scene 030:27Cutscenecutscene03.mp3
5Little Wish2:55Cutscenecutscene04.mp3
6Scene 051:00Cutscenecutscene05.mp3
-Scene 071:01Cutscenecutscene07.mp3
8Scene 081:25Cutscene : Succubus' Songcutscene08.mp3
9Scene 090:36Cutscenecutscene09.mp3
10Scene 103:25Mainstream Ending (Staff Roll)cutscene10.mp3
11One-way4:47Osna SailField_Osna_Sail.mp3
12Nameless Tombstone5:53Sen MagField_SenMag.mp3
13Reflected Scenery on Water4:04Emain MachaTown_EmainMacha.mp3
14Fairy's Flight3:35Emain Macha Town SquareTown_EmainMacha_Square.mp3
15Viridian Emerald1:51Emain Macha : AgnesNPC_Agnes.mp3
16A Flower Atop Ochre Silk2:08Emain Macha : AilionoaNPC_Ailionoa.mp3
17For Justice1:32Emain Macha : AodhanNPC_Aodhan.mp3
18Twin Stars1:12Emain Macha : Del / DellenNPC_Del.mp3
19My Dream, Served Fresh1:39Emain Macha : FraserNPC_Fraser.mp3
20Energetic Welcome2:02Emain Macha : GalvinNPC_Galvin.mp3
21Iron Chef0:52Emain Macha : GordonNPC_Gordon.mp3
22Lymilark (James)1:52Emain Macha : JamesNPC_James.mp3
23Strong Yet Tender Smile1:23Emain Macha : JocelinNPC_Jocelin.mp3
24Fairy of Water1:42Emain Macha : NeleNPC_Nele.mp3
25Happy Happy Life2:08Emain Macha : OslaNPC_Osla.mp3
27Flag of Paladins1:18Emain Macha : CraigNPC_Craig.mp3
28Latmirake (Wyllow)1:22Emain Macha : WyllowNPC_Wyllow.mp3
29Rosy Lipstick On Wine Glass2:24Emain Macha : Bean RuaTown_EmainMacha_Club.mp3
30Primrose Beneath the Moon1:22Emain Macha : RuaNPC_Rua.mp3
31The Spirit's Tears1:22Ceo Island : AerNPC_Aer.mp3
32When Two Hands Crisscross3:19Emain Macha : The Great HallTown_EmainMacha_Chamber.mp3
33An Old Story from Grandma (Original Ver. TransAge Mix)4:18G1 Login


# Title Length   Client File Name
1Today is Also a Professional Job!1:28ErhardNPC_Erhard.mp3
2A Different Charm, a Free Smile2:02LorraineNPC_Lorraine.mp3
3Glory of the Stone1:08Dugald/Sen Mag KeepDugald_Keep.mp3
4Prince of Solitude3:29Castle Dungeon MusicDungeon_11.mp3
5 1:36GilmoreNPC_Gilmore.mp3
6Sword Lifted for the Sun1:52Morva AisleField_Morva_Aisle.mp3

G4: Pioneers of Iria

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Sentimental Reason1:55LeslieNPC_Leslie.mp3
2Girl with Glittering Eyes3:20ElainNPC_Elain.mp3
3Wake Up in the Morning Sun2:51Sen Mag Residential AreaTown_Sen_Mag.mp3
4Love Simulator2:12NiccaNPC_Nicca.mp3
5Chest of Dreams2:33AlexinaNPC_Alexina.mp3
6Runaway Girl1:51EthnaNPC_Ethna.mp3
7Gentle Breeze that Carries a Smile1:37HeulfrynNPC_Heulfryn.mp3
8A Lost Music Box3:01EffieNPC_Effie.mp3
9I Only Love You2:02MyrddinNPC_Myrddin.mp3
10My Life is Like the Ocean Waves2:18PetraNPC_Petra.mp3
11Pein's Picture is Better in Books1:36FfionNPC_Ffion.mp3
12Starlight of Ancient Times2:18Karu Forest/Maize Plains RuinsDungeon_13.mp3
13Old Superstar3:17CarasekNPC_Carasek.mp3
14Youth of Summer's Seashore1:36SeananNPC_Seanan.mp3
15An Old Story From Grandma3:29G4 LoginTitle.mp3

G5: Pioneers of Iria

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Song of Blessing2:28CastaneaNPC_Castanea.mp3
2Tranquil but Smiling Cure3:01AtrataNPC_Atrata.mp3
3Mirror that Sheds Light on Loneliness1:50GranitesNPC_Granites.mp3
4A Youth's Elegant Hand Posture2:23LepusNPC_Lepus.mp3
5Illuminati's Call2:38HagelNPC_Hagel.mp3
6Weapon and Agony3:39MelesNPC_Meles.mp3
7A Cute Girl's Misjudgement is Not a Crime1:15VenaNPC_Vena.mp3
8Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom5:00Ronga Ruins DungeonDungeon_12.mp3

G6: Pioneers of Iria

# Title Length   Client File Name
2Snowfield Moonlight3:23KirineNPC_Kirine.mp3
3Seperation(Or, Breaking of a Relationship)1:22TaunesNPC_Taunes.mp3
4Governor's Worry for the Country1:31WeideNPC_Weide.mp3
5How 'bout a Drink?1:19WanstNPC_Wanst.mp3
6Old Hero's Visage1:20ZederNPC_Zeder.mp3
7Please Advise Me1:17MerielNPC_Meriel.mp3
8Frozen Lake of Tears3:31Pars Ruins DungeonDungeon_14.mp3

G7: Secrets of Ancient Irinid

# Title Length   Client File Name

G8: Dragon

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Faithful to Work at World's End1:53ArnengNPC_Arneng.mp3
2Hunter at World's End1:40BelitaNPC_Belita.mp3
3Lost Memories at the World's End2:22KelpieNPC_Kelpie.mp3
4Pride of Dragon2:01LegatusNPC_Legatus.mp3
5Business Against Krumena2:18Renes CaveBoss_Renes.mp3

G9: Alchemist

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Wishes Travel3:25TaillteannTown_Taillteann.mp3
2Song of Wind4:03Sliab CuiliinSliab_Cuiliin.mp3
3The Rainbow's Light Wishes to Burn4:04Abb NeaghAbb_Neagh.mp3
4The Sky which Folds Clearly2:28Field around TaillteannField_XX.mp3
5Being Sad, as Certainty hides Certainly2:11AndrasNPC_Andras.mp3
6Mirror inside the Spring2:06GranatNPC_Granat.mp3
7The Life which is Noble2:09KarpfenNPC_Karpfen.mp3
8A Little Bit Tired1:52BerchedNPC_Berched.mp3
9Does the Martial Art of Meeting Act the Part Merrily?1:54DeviNPC_Devi.mp3
10Waltz of Flower2:01BrendaNPC_Brenda.mp3
11The Festivity Mindset2:08PierrickNPC_Pierrick.mp3
12Its Put Inside in Silence and Rolled Up1:48CollenNPC_Collen.mp3
13Narcissus Bouquet2:05DorrenNPC_Dorren.mp3
14The Foundation of Alchemy1:51EabhaNPC_Eabha.mp3
15The Earth of the Gloom which is Pale3:52Shadow Realm of TaillteannDungeon_15.mp3
16The Shadow to be Long at the Time of Quality2:36Boss_Shadow.mp3
17Counter-Attack of Light (Shadowy Requiem)4:19Claimh SolasBoss_Claimh Solas.mp3
18Splitting a Gray Sky4:10G9 Credits Musiccutscene15.mp3
19Heartfelt Plea1:26Cutscene Musiccutscene14.mp3

G10: Goddess of Light

# Title Length   Client File Name
1The Cluster of Grapes are Full3:36Blago Plain; Vineyards of Tarablago.mp3
2Corrib Valley3:50Corrib_Glenn.mp3
3Capital City of Empire3:02TaraTown_Tara.mp3
4Prude, but Elegant Lady2:28Clionanpc_cliona.mp3
5Draw your Mind on Paper1:49Hansnpc_hans.mp3
6The Feeling of Swimming in Gold Coins2:14Keithnpc_keith.mp3
7Wine Stacked and Locked at Dusk1:43Lezardnpc_lezard.mp3
8Do not Tease Me 'You're Young'!2:04Lileasnpc_lileas.mp3
9The Only thing Holding the Knife's Grip1:57Padannpc_padan.mp3
10 3:04 dungeon_17.mp3
11Shadow of Soulstream2:55boss_soulstream.mp3
12Mysterious Goddess2:03NeamhainNPC_Neamhain.mp3
13Shadow of Arat2:45Doppleganger FightBoss_Doppelganger.mp3
14Andras' Music Box0:50Elatha_Orgel.mp3
15Music Box of Soul3:27G10 Endingcutscene17.mp3

G11: Sword of the Gods

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Welcome to Rath Castle4:02Rath Castlecastle_rath.mp3
2Song of Partholon2:28Rath Shadow Realmdungeon_18.mp3
3Lands of Epidemic3:35Rath Shadow Realm Boss Roomboss_shadow_2.mp3
4An Old Partholon Story0:38G11 Mainstream Scenario SongCutscene18.mp3
5Shadow of Early Dawn3:32Ouroboros(Final Quest)boss_Uroboros.mp3
6Prince of Partholon3:00G11 Mainstream Scenario Ending 2Cutscene20.mp3
7Epilogue0:22G11 Mainstream Scenario Ending 1Cutscene21.mp3
8Full of Dusty Memories2:11ArzhelaNPC_Arzhela.mp3
9Song Performed by mind2:01BrianaNPC_Briana.mp3
10When Cooking Art2:22GlewyasNPC_Glewyas.mp3
11How many secretary's morning?2:35SineadNPC_Sinead.mp3

G12: Return of the Hero

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Lymilark's Torch2:22CorentinNPC_Corentin.mp3
2Garden of Secret2:31Alpinnpc_alpin.mp3
3Aonbharr's Soaring2:04Faliasfield_falias.mp3
5The Star above Falias4:09G12 Final (Nuadha)Boss_Nuadha.mp3
6The Generation of Alchemy3:08G12 Endingcutscene22.mp3

G13: Hamlet

# Title Length   Client File Name
1stratford upon Avon2:04Avonavon_field.mp3
2Catastrophe2:22G13 Mainstream Playavon_dungeon.mp3
3 2:13Siren's Pipeg13_siren_pipe.mp3
4Globe Theater2:13Marlowenpc_marlowe.mp3
6Prince of Denmark2:13Hamletnpc_hamlet.mp3
7deux ex machina2:56Boss Grim Reaperboss_grimreaper.mp3

G14: Romeo and Juliet

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Romeo and Juliet2:43 romeo_and_juliet.mp3
2Fickle Boy's Love1:05Romeonpc_romeo.mp3
3Cute, Curious Girl's Dignified Love1:09Julietnpc_juliet.mp3
4 1:12G14 Mainstream Playg14_dungeon.mp3
5Gatekeeper of Avon1:15Boss Franboss_fran.mp3
6 3:39Farm (Homestead) private_farm.mp3
7Lighthouse Overlooking the Sea3:35Port Cobhcobh_field.mp3
8At the End of the Wait2:00Asconnpc_ascon.mp3
9Cheerfully Even Above the Sea1:55Annicknpc_annick.mp3

G15: Merchant of Venice

# Title Length   Client File Name
1 2:28Belfast Main Themebelfast.mp3
2 1:06Commerce Startcommerce_start.mp3
3 2:28Commerce Battlecommerce_battle.mp3
4 2:21 Admiral Owennpc_owen.mp3
5 1:44Mondnpc_mond.mp3
6 2:04Antonionpc_antonio.mp3
7 1:43Barrynpc_barry.mp3
8 2:07Shylocknpc_shylock.mp3
9 2:10Portianpc_portia.mp3
10 1:46Avon Main Theme (by Pipe)g15_bgm_good.mp3
11 1:45Avon Main Theme (by Pipe, Performance Failure)g15_bgm_bad.mp3
12 2:14G15 Creditscutscene23.mp3

G16: Macbeth

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Past the Firmly Locked Gate2:31Skatha Camp Themefield_skatha_camp.mp3
2Eat or be Eaten2:31Skatha Beachfield_skatha.mp3
3Friend of solitude and loneliness2:28NPC OdranNPC_Odran.mp3
4Love and Cruel Fate2:21NPC Skatha (Human)npc_skatha_people.mp3
5Hidden Petals of Poison2:24NPC Skatha (Witch)npc_skatha_witch.mp3
6Straight Pride2:01NPC EremonNPC_Eremon.mp3
7Death March3:13 cutscene24.mp3
8Tears of Memories3:13 cutscene25.mp3
9Tears of Memories1:52 cutscene26.mp3
10Whisper of Wind1:07 cutscene27.mp3
11O Glorious Sword of Light2:26Lughnpc_lugh.mp3

The Classic

# Title Length   Client File Name
1Soul of Freedom4:06NPC Yvona NPC_Yvona.mp3
2An Old Story from Grandma3:24G16 S2 Logintitle_puppet_ver.mp3
3Marionette3:12NPC Huwnpc_huw.mp3
4Twilight memories3:29NPC Hywel / Puppet Master Promotion Movienpc_hywel.mp3
5Look at My Cool Makeover!3:24Beauty Runwaybeauty_runway.mp3
6That Beautiful Day3:45Beauty Shopbeauty_shop.mp3


# Title Length   Client File Name
1Secret of Shamala3:09Shamalanpc_shamala.mp3
2 2:31NPC MilliaNPC_Millia.mp3
3 2:21 characterSelect.mp3

The Saga: IRIA Season1

# Title Length   Client File Name
1An Old Story from Grandma3:25G17 Logintitle_piano_ver.mp3
2Mischievous Soul3:25NPC Akulenpc_akule.mp3
3Deeper and Deeper, Into the Abyss3:00?npc_blackmask.mp3
4Insecure Maestro3:44NPC Dragon KnightNPC_DragonKnight.mp3
5The Returning Seasons0:45Saga Opening ThemeTheme_Opening.mp3
6The end of the Saga0:40Saga Ending ThemeTheme_Ending.mp3
7The end of the Saga0:40Saga Ending Theme Ver PianoTheme_Ending_Piano_Ver.mp3
8 3:38Shyllien Nature ReserveField_Sulien.mp3
9 3:05Hillwen MineField_Physis.mp3
10Close to Nostalgia4:01Drama EP7 Cutscenecutscene29.mp3
11 1:10 cutscene30.mp3
12Maze without an Exit1:02Drama EP4 Cutscenecutscene31.mp3
13An Old Story from Grandma2:33'Shooter' Logintitle_rock_ver.mp3
14 3:30NPC DeallaNPC_Daella.mp3
15 2:45NPC MeicNPC_Meic.mp3
16 3:31NPC Machaboss_macha.mp3
17Destroy, Destroy, and Burn3:30Drama Staff Rollcutscene28.mp3


# Title Length   Client File Name
1An Old Story from Grandma2:28DIVA Logintitle_diva_ver.mp3
2An Old Story from Grandma3:17Haloween Versiontitle_haloween_ver.mp3
3Night of Haloween Festival3:00 event_haloween.mp3
4Haloween Event BGM 11:36 event_haloween1.mp3
5Haloween Event BGM 21:24 event_haloween2.mp3
6Haloween Event BGM 31:06 2013halloween_horror_ambiences.mp3
7 1:42 cat_event.mp3
8An Old Story from Grandma2:28Korea Traditional Vertitle_korean_traditional.mp3

The Saga: IRIA Season2

# Title Length   Client File Name
1 3:22Little Tarlachnpc_little_tarlach.mp3
2An Old Story from Grandma2:27Diva MRTitle_Diva_MR.mp3
3Drama Iria 2 Concert BG0:20Milletian + Merlin + Professor Jdramairia2_concert_bg.mp3
4Obsession about Impossible3:17Diancechtboss_diancecht.mp3
5The Beginning and The End of Tragedy3:34Ruairiboss_ruairi.mp3
6Tale that was not told3:05Drama Season2 Openeingdramairia2_tale_that_was_not_told.mp3
7Massive Victory3:04Drama Season2 Endingdramairia2_massive_victory.mp3
8An Old Story from Grandma3:04Mabinogi 10th Anniversarytitle_10th_remake_shibuya_ver.mp3

G19: The Divine Knights

# Title Length   Client File Name
1An Old Story from Grandma3:05G19 Logintitle_hero_ver.mp3
2Dream of Becoming a Hero1:54NPC Altercutscene33.mp3
3For the Remaining Characters2:10NPC Avelinecutscene32.mp3
4Slightly Slower Furthermore2:16NPC Torvish (Tarvish)cutscene34.mp3
5 1:53 cutscene35.mp3
6The Holy Stranger Shakes the Land3:54Boss Girgashiyboss_girgashiy.mp3
7 3:09 field_albandungeon.mp3
8 3:10 field_albanlobby.mp3
9 3:07 boss_albanknightgolem.mp3
10 2:14 title_Ninja_ver.mp3

G20: The Gate of Sanctuary

# Title Length   Client File Name
1An Old Story from Grandma3:00ver G20title_choir_ver.mp3
2 3:15Boss Zebachboss_zebach.mp3
3 3:30 boss_femaledisciple.mp3
4 4:47Avalon Gatefield_avalongate.mp3
5An Old Story from Grandma2:59Samhain the 1st movement ver.title_harp_ver.mp3
6An Old Story from Grandma3:46Samhain the 2nd movement ver.title_samhain_ver.mp3
7An Old Story from Grandma3:02Dreamy ver.title_dreamy_ver.mp3